Reasons to come with us

Amazing environment

The biodiversity in the area is incredible, with lots of rare and endangered species

I love not Men the less,
but Nature more

I have studied as a cultural anthropologist, and I specialized in landscape and risk anthropology in the alpine context. After I finished the university I enrolled in training courses to become hiking guide, and now I accompany tourists and curious locals to discover our fantastic Dolomites.
Thanks to my training, during the hikes I organize, I always put the emphasis on the emotions that landscapes are able to give us, the result of the millennial interaction between the environment and the man. The hectic life we live often prevents us from appreciating the small gifts that a day in the nature can give us, and the Dolomites, unique in the world, know how to give emotions and amazement.

Please contact me to explain what you are looking for from your holiday in the Dolomites, and I will try to cure the details of your experience according to your needs. During all the activities I promote, a professional Mountain Leader or a professional Alpine Guide will take good care of you.

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