Full day guided hiking tour to Campanile di Val Montanaia

Montanaia Valley is a wild region of the Frulian Dolomites. Its most symbolic peak is Campanile di Val Montanaia, an isolated rock pinnacle standing in a mountain pass. It's 300 m tall and really looks like a bell tower.
This peak was also called "the petrified scream of a damned" by the famous Italian writer Mauro Corona. Don't you wanna come and see it with your eyes?
During this 1-day trip we'll hike up the Montanaia Valley for about 900 meters on the gravel, but the unbelievable sight from the glacial circus on top will pay back the effort.
If you are looking forward to seeing some wildlife, this trip is a great opportunity for that.
Please contact me if you want to be a part of this hike in an incredible spot of the Dolomites!


- 10 people €30,00 per person
- 9 people €33,00 per person
- 8 people €35,00 per person
- 7 people €45,00 per person
- 6 people €50,00 per person
- 5 people €60,00 per person
- 4 people €75,00 per person
- 3 people €100,00 per person
- 2 people €150,00 per person
- 1 person €300,00


The hike to the Campanile di Val Montanaia can be tough for those who have no experience, but the view from the glacial circus at the top will repay all the fatigue. If you are not trained, let me know, and we will evaluate the ascent times (you can also do this hike in two days, sleeping at the Perugini bivouac). The ascent is almost entirely on the scree, once you reach the Campanile you can continue up to Montanaia gap to enjoy an even better view.


  • Price includes:

    Guiding fee

  • Accomodation:

    It is possible to do the hike in two days, sleeping at Perugini bivouac.

  • Extras:

    lunch (we can have lunch together at Rifugio Pordenone after the hike or we can arrange a pack-lunch).

  • Best season:

    From June to September.
    To avoid crowds the best periods to do this hike are july and september


    The Campanile di Val Montanaia is one of those places that must be seen at least once in life.
    It's a challenging tour.
    It is a still wild valley where wildlife is easily encountered.
    To see a landscape like this from Montanaia Gap:


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