Full day guided hiking tour to Coldai Lake

Lake Coldai is one of the most famous alpine lakes in the Dolomites. Located near the homonimous Pass, on Mt. Civetta, is the destination of tourists from all over the world. Immersed in an important naturalistic setting, rich in history and in the shade of one of the most important climbing walls of the dolomites, it will surely give us many tips during our excursion. If you are interested in this hike, please contact me!


- 10 people €30,00 per person
- 9 people €33,00 per person
- 8 people €35,00 per person
- 7 people €45,00 per person
- 6 people €50,00 per person
- 5 people €60,00 per person
- 4 people €75,00 per person
- 3 people €100,00 per person
- 2 people €150,00 per person
- 1 person €300,00


We will start from Palafavera, we will hike on the old military mule track to Coldai refuge, and we will continue crossing the Coldai Pass to reach Lake. We will explore the surroundings and then go back to the starting point.


  • Price includes:

    Guiding fee

  • Accomodation:

  • Extras:

    lunch (we can have lunch together at Rifugio Coldai, or after the hike or we can arrange a pack-lunch).

  • Best season:

    From June to September.
    To avoid crowds the best periods are June and September.


    Because it is an easy hike that allow you to see a beautiful environment, which is also rich in history.
    To get one of the best views of the Dolomites: the view from Coldai Hut is stunning.
    Because it's one of the must-do in Dolomites.
    To see a landscape like this:


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