Four days guided hiking tour around Friuli Dolomites

The Friuli Dolomites are one of the wildest areas of the Dolomites, a mountain range in Northeastern Italy. In fact, the whole region is protected by the Regional Natural Park of Friulian Dolomites.
Beautiful peaks and large isolated valleys, turn this place into a top destination for trekking and mountaineering lovers. Actually, the absence of connecting roads or villages nearby makes Friuli Dolomites an untouched natural environment.
This time, I invite you to a 4-day trekking tour through a unique landscape, with a lot of wildlife. For this trip, our starting point will be Rifugio Pordenone. From there, we'll visit famous spots like Campanile di Val Montanaia, a stunning and lonely tower 300 meters tall, which is also known as 'the illogical mountain'. We'll cross several mountain passes like Monfalcon di Forni pass, the Cason pass and Pramaggiore Pass.
Please contact me if you want to be a part of this trip. I will be glad to be your guide in the Friuli Dolomites.


- 10 people €120,00 per person
- 9 people €130,00 per person
- 8 people €150,00 per person
- 7 people €170,00 per person
- 6 people €200,00 per person
- 5 people €240,00 per person
- 4 people €300,00 per person
- 3 people €400,00 per person
- 2 people €600,00 per person
- 1 person €1200,00


We will start at Rifugio Pordenone, and head up through Montanaia Valley, passing under the incredible Campanile di Val Montanaia, to reach Montanaia Gap, from where we will descent towards Rifugio Padova, where we will spend the night. We will traverse different high mountain passess every day to reach the huts where we will stay for the night: Rifugio Giaf and Rifugio Flaiban-Pacherini. At the end of the round trip, we will return to Rifugio Pordenone, where the wonderful hospitality of Marika and Ivan will recharge out batteries after such a demanding hike!


I and II day

Description of itinerary.

Starting from Rifugio Pordenone, we will cross the Monanaia Pass, passing under the famous Campanile di Val Montanaia, to get to Rifugio Padova, where we will spend the night. We will go to Rifugio Giaf, after a day spent in a really wild and solitary landscape, crossing the Monfalcon di Forni pass and the Cason pass.

I and II day

from Rifugio Pordenone to Rifugio Giaf

III day

Description of itinerary.

We will walk through the Gentian trail, enjoying the really great views on the surrounding valleys and we will reach Rifugio Flaiban-Pacherini, where we will spend the night.

III day

from Rifugio Giaf to Rifugio Flaiban Pacherini

IV day

Description of itinerary.

We will reach Pramaggiore Pass, and then descend the 'Hell valley' (despite the name is a really great place!). Finally we'll get back to the starting point, where we will enjoy the last dinner together at Rifugio Pordenone.

IV day

from Rifugio Flaiban Pacherini to Rifugio Pordenone


Things you should bring with you.

Here is a list of the things I will recommend to bring with you:
- backpack (30-40 l)
- mountaineering boots
- two layers outfits
- waterproof jacket and overtrousers
- headlamp
- sleeping bag or bivibag


Things you should bring with you


  • Price includes:

    Guiding fee

  • Accomodation:

    Mountain huts (this tour can also be made by sleeping in bivouacs, but in that case only a max of 6 participants are allowed). If you are going to arrive the night before we start the trek, I can book for you a nice hotel nearby and we could meet there.

  • Extras:

    Full room&board for you and the guide (or just food if you decide for the bivouacs option).

  • Best season:

    From June to September.
    To avoid crowds the best periods to do this hike are july and september


    I really like guiding here because the environment is so beautiful that is almost unbelievable!
    We will get real chances to see wildlife.
    There is no telephone connection for most of the trip.
    The remoteness of the area, and the complete wilderness.
    Doing a hut-to-hut tour is a great way to explore Dolomites mountains, and enjoy the simple pleasure of walking through these peaks.
    To see at least once in your life this stunning view on Campanile di Val Montanaia:


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