Full day guided hiking tour to Mt. Piana

Mount Piana has been the scene of tremendous battles during World War I, its flat surface has hosted the front, trenches and soldiers for years, even during the stormy and snowy winters like that of 1917. We will see what remains of these trenches and we will try to imagine what happened there a hundred years ago.
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- 10 people €30,00 per person
- 9 people €35,00 per person
- 8 people €37,00 per person
- 7 people €45,00 per person
- 6 people €50,00 per person
- 5 people €60,00 per person
- 4 people €75,00 per person
- 3 people €100,00 per person
- 2 people €150,00 per person
- 1 person €300,00


We will leave from Antorno Lake, near Misurina, and we will go up to Rifugio Monte Piana and then to Capanna Carducci, exploring the trenches and other remains that the war left on this flat and wide summit of the Northern Dolomites.


  • Price includes:

    Guiding fee

  • Accomodation:

  • Extras:

    lunch (we can have lunch together at Rifugio Monte Piana, or after the hike or we can arrange a pack-lunch).

  • Best season:

    From June to September.


    You have a great view on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.
    It's full of history and in a great environment.
    It's a easy hike, suitable for anyone.
    To see a landscape like this:


Road of the 52 tunnels

Road of the 52 tunnels

Full day hiking tour

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Full day hiking tour

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Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Full day hiking tour

from € 20.00 per person