Two days guided hiking tour around Mt. Pelmo

Mount Pelmo (3168 m) is one of the most beautiful and characteristic peaks of the Dolomites. In this 2-day hiking tour, we'll be traversing the north and south side of this mountain.
It's a giant isolated massif that can be easily seen from other important peaks of this mountain range of Northeastern Italy.
Besides, you have the chance of passing through different habitats in an easy but still amazing hiking trip.
We'll start from Staulanza Pass and follow a trail on the south side of Mount Pelmo. From there, we'll enjoy stunning views of Zoldo's valley and Mt. Civetta.
On the second day, we'll head to the north side of the mountain through Val d'Arcia Pass and finally return to our starting point.
If you are looking for a short hike in one of the most attractive peaks in the Dolomites, please contact me. I will be happy to be your guide there!


- 10 people €60,00 per person
- 9 people €67,00 per person
- 8 people €75,00 per person
- 7 people €85,00 per person
- 6 people €100,00 per person
- 5 people €120,00 per person
- 4 people €150,00 per person
- 3 people €200,00 per person
- 2 people €300,00 per person
- 1 person €600,00


This Pelmo tour is not difficult except for the crossing of the Val d'Arcia Pass that can be challenging for beginners. We will turn around the massif, starting from the sunny south side, with its splendid views over the valley of Zoldo and mt. Civetta, we will spend the night at the Venezia Hut, looking into the valley of the boite, and then we will head to the north, where we'll enjoy the beautiful view on the northern walls of the Pelmo and on the imposing slit that divides them in half.


I day

Description of itinerary.

We start from Staulanza Pass and take the trail to reach Venezia Hut, in a hike that will take us to the dinosaurs' traces on Mt. Pelmo, and under the magnificent south side of the mountain, with wonderful views on Zoldo's valley and Mt. Civetta. We will spend the night at Venezia Hut.

I day

from Staulanza Pass to Rifugio Venezia

II day

Description of itinerary.

We will head up to Val d'Arcia Pass and then descend towards Città di Fiume Hut for lunch, enjoying the spectacular view on the northern walls of the mountain, then we will go back down to Staulanza Pass where we started.

II day

from Rifugio Venezia to Staulanza Pass

Keep in mind

Remember this.

The rocky traverse of Val d'Arcia Gap could be challenging for beginners. If you have doubts about your abilities, contact me, and we will decide together if this is the trip for you or if you'll enjoy better another easier tour.

Keep in mind

Read carefully and contact me


Things you should bring with you.

Here is a list of the things I will recommend to bring with you:
- backpack (30-40 l)
- mountaineering boots
- two layers outfits
- waterproof jacket and overtrousers
- headlamp
- sleeping bag or bivibag


Things you should bring with you


  • Price includes:

    Guiding fee

  • Accomodation:

    Mountain huts. If you are going to arrive the night before we start the trek, I can book for you a nice hotel nearby and we could meet there.

  • Extras:

    Full room&board for you and the guide

  • Best season:

    From June to September.
    To avoid crowds the best periods to do this hike are july and september


    I really enjoy guiding in Mount Pelmo because it offers one of the best views of the Dolomites.
    Mt. Pelmo is in the center of the Dolomites, and on this tour you can enjoy great views in every direction.
    Doing a hut-to-hut tour is a great way to explore Dolomites mountains, and enjoy the simple pleasure of walking through these peaks.
    To get a view like this one on the north walls:


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